Briefing Notes

To Survive or Thrive?

Charity management and fundraising in a locked down world.

The rapidly changing landscape requires innovative solutions. But the truly effective charities are undertaking a radical review of their existing structures to ensure they have sufficient financial ballast and agility to withstand future crises, whilst meeting their aims and objectives.

In this briefing note we look at today’s challenges and find useful lessons from those charities that are proactively responding.

Four Key Trends in Fundraising

Four Key Trends in Fundraising

Recently we conducted a global review of philanthropy for an international development charity. We examined legislative frameworks, philanthropic cultures and levels of giving. The review included consultations with government and charity leaders in 28 countries around the world, and most importantly with donors.

In this briefing note we look at what they had to say about their giving, and the four trends which were revealed.

Senior Leadership

Developing an effective strategy for dealing with major donors is one of the key things a charity can do if it wishes to be successful or continue to attract large scale funding.

In this briefing note we look at some of the most common mistakes which a charity can make when dealing with major contributors of funding and some best practice ideas to ensure they remain committed and enthusiastic about donating money.

Fundraising Database Functionality

Fundraising projects require careful planning and monitoring and so establishing a database early on in the process is absolutely vital.

Making sure you add functionality to the database is also an essential part of the planning mechanics and our briefing note gives some tips and guidelines on what elements can be used to link your potential donors to your fundraising campaign.

Use them to create a network map around which you can build an effective campaign.

Philanthropy and the Public Sector

Public philanthropy is not new to the UK. However, there is still an element of hesitancy when it comes to asking for donations to fund British public services outside of the health and education sectors mainly.

Our briefing note looks at the different attitudes towards public service sector funding in both North America and Canada and examines how this culture of direct giving could be applied more widely in the UK.