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With over 50 years experience, our team has helped organisations around the world to raise hundreds of millions.

We understand that effective fundraising is about more than just money: its results enable action which changes lives and communities. We focus on the mission of your whole organisation – and the people you serve.


Be it revenue and programmes, capital campaigns or endowment and sustainability, our services address all aspects of philanthropy and social investment, utilising both proven methodologies and the latest innovations.

An objective, thoroughly researched assessment of your philanthropic potential and development of a realistic business plan to achieve it.

In-sourced Project Management:

Where required we can manage your programme on a fixed term basis, from set up to completion.

Programme Reviews and Audits:

An appraisal of where there is significant scope to bring about better results in your fundraising programmes and development of an achievable plan to realise that.

Strategic Counsel and Advisory Services:

Advice, support and extra capacity to your executive and non-executive teams in the conduct of a fundraising programme.

Transition Counsel:

Interim management of a programme which takes your fundraising to a new level, setting it up, achieving quick results and working with you to recruit permanent staff to take it forward from a stable position and bring in immediate returns.


We believe that fundraising success starts with in-depth planning. We assess the potential amounts that can be raised for your organisation, the timescales and levels of investment required to achieve your goals and develop a reliable plan which is tailored to your specific situation, reflecting both your fundraising potential and your existing resources. Knowing the scope and complexity of your fundraising potential allows us then to work with you in flexible ways to implement a programme which has been validated.

Partners – not ‘consultants’…

We bring experience, objectivity, professionalism, a proven track record and a proven Return on Investment. Typically our fees represent between three and eight percent of your fundraising target. We provide a high level service delivered by our principals working in partnership with your team. We do not outsource the work to more junior but expensive people. The people you meet are the people responsible for the delivery of the assignment.

Moreover our approach is based on sustainability and long term growth potential, building your capacity, not reliance. That’s why our services prove to be both effective and cost effective.